TWD Celebrates Two Years with Tarte Tatin

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This week marks the second anniversary of of Tuesdays with Dorie.  Amazing, huh?  Who’d have thought that when our founder and fearless leader, Laurie, began this little project two years ago it would take off like a runaway train?  Over three hundred members strong, TWD has become one of the most popular (and populated) baking groups on the web!  Even Dorie, herself, has gotten into the act, graciously lending her support and generously giving much-welcomed advice and tips. (I almost fainted the few times she actually commented on my posts!)

American by birth and French in spirit, Dorie Greenspan divides her time between her homes in New York and Connecticut and her flat in Paris. She has written nine cookbooks, (two with Pierre Herme), and won five James Beard and IACP awards for them, including Cookbook of the Year.   I have spent many an hour drooling over her pastries, tartes and brulées.   She is fabulousness personified!  Baking my way through her Baking: From My Home To Yours has been a delicious journey.  read more >>

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TWD: Cafe Volcano Cookies (aka Great Personality Cookies)

Tuesday, December 15, 200926 Comments

I remember when I was in high school, my mother once tried to convince me to go out with the dorky son of one of her bridge buddies.  “What does he look like?” I asked.  She replied, “Looks aren’t everything.  He’s got such a great personality!” I knew I …

TWD: Cran-Apple Crisps

Tuesday, November 3, 200943 Comments

In an attempt to make November a little less frazzled for us, our fearless leaders at TWD are allowing us to present our weekly recipes out of order.  This works for me as this week’s recipe is Dorie’s Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake.  Not only is this cake rather labor-intensive …

TWD: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies

Tuesday, September 1, 200960 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to participate in a TWD challenge.  The end of Summer is always such a busy time for me.  I hope to get a chance to “catch up” and make a few of the recipes I missed, but realistically, how many desserts …

TWD: Classic Banana Bundt Cake (kind of…..)

Tuesday, August 4, 200941 Comments

The baking gods were just not smiling on me last night…..
On any given day at Chez SGCC, you are sure to find not one, not two, but several brown, mottled bananas past their prime sitting on the kitchen counter.  Any given day except yesterday, that is.  Who knew …

TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

Tuesday, July 28, 200939 Comments

This week’s TWD comes right on the heels of the July Daring Bakers challenge and right on the toes of my July Dinner and a Movie roundup.  So, I’m going to make it very short (and very sweet).
I mean, it’s Vanilla Ice Cream, for crissake!
What more needs …

TWD: Raspberry Blanc-Manger

Tuesday, July 21, 2009110 Comments

I’ve heard it said, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”   And yesterday, it did!
I went to bed on Sunday night pleased with the fact that this week’s TWD selection was already made and resting comfortably in my fridge. All I needed to do was take some glamour …

TWD: Perfect Party Cake

Monday, June 29, 200966 Comments

When I first made Dorie’s fabulous Perfect Party Cake a little over a year ago for a Daring Bakers challenge, I remember commenting that I wished I’d had an actual party to bring it to. Well, it took a while, but I finally got that wish. …

TWD & Flavor of the Month: Honey Peach Ice Cream

Tuesday, June 16, 200957 Comments

Since this week’s TWD assignment was an ice cream recipe AND happened to fall at the same time as this month’s Flavor of the Month installment, I decided to combine them and give you two for the price of one. Oh, who am I kidding! I did it …

TWD: Cinnamon Squares

Tuesday, June 2, 200933 Comments

When I first read through this week’s TWD recipe, I pretty much knew that it wasn’t going to be a favorite. Tracey from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures chose Dorie’s Cinnamon Squares for this week’s assignment. Cinnamon Squares start out as a dense, butter-rich cake which is laden …

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Hello and welcome to SGCC! I’m Susan, a professional writer, food columnist, recipe developer, wife, mother, daughter and sister, who used to be a lawyer in a previous life. My love of food comes from a long line of wonderful and creative Italian home cooks who didn’t always have a lot, but knew how to make a lot out of what they had. I hope that you enjoy yourself while you’re here, and visit often! read more >>

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