Flavor of the Month: Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Raspberry Swirl

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The minute I  saw the August issue of Gourmet Magazine, I knew what this month’s Flavor of the Month would be.  On the cover was a gorgeous photo of the most luscious ice cream sandwiches I’d ever laid eyes on!   They were called Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Blueberry Swirl.  The chewy lemon-scented blondie cookies filled with a lemon-infused vanilla ice cream, streaked with a fresh berry compote were irresistible to me.  Sheer perfection!

There is something magical about an ice cream sandwich that can reduce even the biggest stuffed shirt into a delighted, giggling  child.   Maybe it’s because you have to eat them with your hands.  It’s kind of hard to look very dignified with ice cream dribbling down your chin and damp cookie bits stuck to your fingers.  For some, it may bring back warm, fuzzy memories of the carefree days of youth.  Perhaps both.  Whatever the reason, ice cream sandwiches are a quintessential and universally loved summertime treat.  read more >>

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Flavor of the Month: Strawberry Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

Tuesday, July 14, 2009133 Comments

It’s time again for another Flavor of the Month recipe. My pick for July’s Flavor of the Month is Strawberry Creme Fraiche Ice Cream, and I think you’re gonna love it!

TWD & Flavor of the Month: Honey Peach Ice Cream

Tuesday, June 16, 200957 Comments

Since this week’s TWD assignment was an ice cream recipe AND happened to fall at the same time as this month’s Flavor of the Month installment, I decided to combine them and give you two for the price of one. Oh, who am I kidding! I did it …

Flavor of the Month: Matcha Fro Yo

Sunday, April 19, 200957 Comments

I decided to mix it up a little for this installment of Flavor of the Month. Instead of ice cream, I’ve made you an unbelievably delectable frozen treat: Matcha Frozen Yogurt. I know you’re gonna love it!
Yogurt has always been one of my favorite foods. …

Flavor of the Month: POM Wonderful Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Monday, March 16, 200946 Comments

Okay, so I know that I missed doing a Flavor of the Month entry last month. Unfortunately, I was still stuck in that damn ankle cast at the time and I couldn’t really get around yet, so I had to skip it. Thank goodness the ankle has healed …

Flavor of the Month: Toasted Coconut-Sesame Brittle Ice Cream

Thursday, January 15, 200974 Comments

Greetings and welcome to the first installment of Flavor of the Month, a new feature here at SGCC! A few weeks ago, in my New Years post, I asked you all for suggestions and ideas on how to improve this blog. I wanted to know what …

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Hello and welcome to SGCC! I’m Susan, a professional writer, food columnist, recipe developer, wife, mother, daughter and sister, who used to be a lawyer in a previous life. My love of food comes from a long line of wonderful and creative Italian home cooks who didn’t always have a lot, but knew how to make a lot out of what they had. I hope that you enjoy yourself while you’re here, and visit often! read more >>

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