Golden Vanilla Bean Caramels Recipe and Stirring the Pot

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Do you have any “pot stirrers” in your life?  You know the type.  They’re the people who can never leave well enough alone: the ones who always find it necessary to try and create drama in any given situation, (which usually doesn’t even concern them), by saying or doing something that they know will start verbal fireworks among the others involved.  These crafty saboteurs lie in wait for the opportunity to “stir the pot” and thrive on the shitstorms they create.    And, they always act shocked at the carnage they leave in their wake.  Ah, yes, the pot stirrers!   I hate them!

For years, whenever confronted with a pot stirrer, I have tried to take the high road and give him or her the benefit of the doubt.  “Who knows?” I would tell myself, “Maybe they don’t realize what they are doing?”.    But the other day, as I stood at my stove making these caramels and thinking – I got mad.   You see, a few weeks ago, a pot stirrer that I’ve known for for a long, long time finally went too far and destroyed a new relationship that I valued very much.  Behind my back, she picked and prodded and flat out lied to my new friend and pretty much drove her off.  Now, I realize that this doesn’t say much for the character of the new friend.  She should have come to me directly.  But, new relationships are fragile.  They need time for trust to blossom and grow.  When someone else is piling manure on top of those blossoms, it’s hard not to get put off by the stink.

As I stirred my pot of caramel, I thought back over the years and realized that this wasn’t the first time this pot stirrer has caused problems for me.  She has tried to stir up trouble for me in almost every relationship that I have.  She’s subtle, but deadly.  I can’t have someone that toxic in my life.  So, she’s gone.   And, while I’ll miss the many good qualities she had, I won’t be sorry to see her petty, manipulative side go.  I’m breathing easier already.

vanilla-bean-caramels-12

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