La Tavola della mia Famiglia: Turkey Cutlets alla Milanese

Sunday, November 21, 2010


As a little girl, I perceived my mother’s kitchen as a mysterious and intriguing place where sights and smells and sounds converged to become yummy things for me to eat.    Of course, I understood nothing about the art and science of cooking.   I only knew that after the swooshing of knives, the clinking of whisks, the stirring of pots and the fragrance of garlic and herbs harmoniously sautéing on the stove that I wasn’t allowed to touch,  something wonderful and delicious would magically emerge.  I looked and I listened, and soon I became pretty good at guessing what Mom was making by observing her various “kitchen dances”.

Among the sounds that always brought me running into her kitchen were “tzzzzt” and “tsssss”.   I knew them well.  They were the sounds that a cutlet makes as it first meets the surface of a hot pan, followed by the gentle, telltale sizzle that follows as it fries into a mouthwatering golden, crunchy, meaty medallion.  Cutlets were one of my favorite foods when I was growing up, and they still are.  My mother made them Milanese-style, dipped in egg and seasoned Italian bread crumbs, and served them alongside copious amounts of stewed tomatoes.  I’d positively drown my cutlets in that sweet, lovely stewed tomato juice!  I can’t help but moan just thinking about it.  It was heaven!



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