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Get Your Game on for the Super Bowl Tex- Mex Style (White Chicken Chili Recipe)

Next Sunday is not just any old Sunday.  It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  If you’re anything like me, by kick-off time you’ll have a houseful of hungry football fans who need food.  And it had better be good food too.  Food-deprived, beer-soaked, Super Bowl revelers can be a dangerous thing!  Sure, you could open a bag of chips, order a pizza or some soggy chicken wings and call it a day, but I have a much better idea.  My easy peasy White Chicken Chili is made with a store-bought rotisserie chicken, can be prepared ahead and is utterly fantastic!

And, if you’re looking for a few other fab dishes to round out your Super Bowl buffet, here are few more great ideas from the SCGG archives [1]

Who doesn’t love warm, crispy tortilla chips slathered with fresh Guacamole [2]?

Or, with some Spicy Melon Salsa [3]?

How about some Chorizo and Potato Huaraches [4]

or these sumptuous and velvety Enchiladas Suizas [5]?

Everybody loves zesty Steak Fajitas [2]

and cute, little Smoky Chipotle Sliders [6]!

If you’re really, really brave, you could impress with these Chiles Rellenos [7].

And, what’s a Super Bowl party without  a little dessert?

Wow your friends with these Candied Bacon Chocolate Chunk Cookies [8]

or these sinful Break-Up Bars [9]!

These Nutella Rice Krispies Treats [10] take five minutes to put together, and are so scrumptious!

Ditto for these peanut buttery Holycraptheseareamazing Cookies [11].

So, get your game on, Tex-Mex style, and start cookin’!