The Perfect Super Bowl Sunday Treat:  Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


They say “Everything’s bigger in Texas”. I haven’t spent much time there, but if they’re talking about the airports, I’d say it’s true.  Both the Dallas and Houston airports are huge!  I know this because I’ve spent my share of time in each, wandering about and hopelessly lost, as I frantically tried not to miss connecting flights.  I’ve even missed one of said connecting flights in Houston because I couldn’t run fast enough, and had to spend the night there, sans toothbrush, and clean undies.  Good times!

Departure Lounge

They could also be referring to that phenomenon called Texas Big Hair.  I’ve heard that  the women of Texas can spend hours working to achieve that proper, signature volume and precarious hair “altitude”.  It is even said that these big hair techniques are as secret as their family bbq recipes, and are often handed down from generation to generation! Fascinating! I’m jealous. I want a secret family big hair recipe too, but no such luck.


Of course, Texas also has George Dubya, and he’s the biggest…. Well, never mind about that.


One thing I can say with certainty that is bigger and better in Texas is chocolate cake – Texas Sheet Cake, to be exact.  Oh yeah baby, bring it on! read more >>

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