Pate de Fruits and a New Motivation

Sunday, January 10, 2010


What is it about ringing in a new year that makes everything seem so fresh, possible and…well, new?  I mean, it’s not like the world just magically changed in the span of 24 short hours, at least not my world. All of the problems and issues in my life that existed on December 31 were still lurking there on January 1.  Yet, when I woke up that morning, I felt different – lighter and “newer”. As I showered, it literally felt as though pounds of apathy and malaise were melting off of me   I had shed the skin of worry and doubt, emerging fresh, hopeful and motivated for what 2010 has in store for me.

It’s not that I’d been feeling particularly BAD. I just hadn’t been feeling particularly GOOD.  And, when I don’t feel good, I just can’t be very creative.  I find it hard enough just to muddle through the things I absolutely must do, let alone write scintillating blog posts and take droolworthy photographs.  So, I owe you a few and payback starts now!

When I was in San Francisco last September for BlogHer Food, I spent some time at the Ferry Building Marketplace, where I loaded up on delectable treats from Recchiuti Confections.  One of my very favorites were their amazing pate de fruits, or French fruit jellies.  Remember those Chuckles candies you ate as a kid?  Well, these are not even in the same universe!  Pate de fruits are soft, smooth, jammy and intensely fruity little confections that are so incredibly delicious they almost defy description.  By the time I ate my way through two 1-pound boxes of those little gems, I was hopelessly addicted and knew I had to learn to make them myself to support my habit!  read more >>

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