My Favorite Irish Scones Recipe

Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week In my Shepherd’s Pie post, I mentioned that I had rediscovered the dish while on a trip to Scotland.  What I didn’t mention was that this trip to Scotland was part of a two week concert tour in the British Isles with a group that I used to perform with.    I learned a lot about myself during that trip.  For instance, I realized that I would have never made it in a rock band. Being stuck for days on end in a smelly, run down bus, staying in a different dive hotel every night and eating in greasy spoons are not my idea of a good time.  I’m not very good at “roughing it”.  I get cranky when I’m not comfortable.   Just ask those poor people who were travelling with me.  I’m sure they’d be only too happy to tell you!  In fact, I was such a “Diva”, they even gave me my own tiara.


See that menacing looking guy in the right corner.  He was our evil tour manager.  He hated me.  I hated him too.  He refused to stop for potty breaks until at least ten people had to go.  Do you know what it’s like riding along bumpy country roads in a rickety old tin can of a bus for over two hours when you have to pee?   I do, and it ain’t pleasant.

But, there are some advantages to living a nomadic lifestyle.  When I wasn’t complaining about the crappy mode of transportation, the sub-par accommodations or the mean tour manager, I really enjoyed soaking up the local color of my surroundings – especially in the breathtaking heather-lined hills of the Scottish Highlands and the lush, verdant valleys in the Irish countryside.   read more >>

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