Meatloaf Cupcakes Recipe

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sometimes I have to sniff out my inspiration for recipes like a bloodhound.  Other times, it just falls effortlessly right into my lap – like the idea for this fabulous and fun take on traditional meatloaf.  These are meatloaf cupcakes.  Yes, that’s right.  MEATLOAF CUPCAKES! Succulent and flavorful little “cakes” of meat with a rich and buttery mashed potato “icing” piped on top.  Are they not adorable?  Are they not brilliant?  They are!  They are!  Now, let me tell you how they came to be.

A few nights ago, I was hanging out on Facebook.  I’ve told you before how much I love, love, love Facebook.  I even love it more than Twitter, because it doesn’t give me eyestrain while trying to read constantly moving, teeny, tiny text or have little boxes popping up in my face every two seconds, distracting me when I’m trying to work.  And Facebook also has a “Like” button, so when I want to acknowledge something one of my friends has posted, I can just “Like” it with one click instead of having to actually type something.  I know.  Sometimes, I can be a lazy sack of you-know-what.



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