TWD: Burnt Sugar Ice Cream and a Crazy, Messed Up Week

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This has been one crazy, messed up week!  Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. But, if there ever was a week where I could have used some of Dorie’s sinfully creamy and delicious Burnt Sugar Ice Cream, this was it!

If you read my Lemon Linguine post, then you already know that we just got a brand new puppy.  Bella is a sweet little Golden Retriever puppy and she is absolutely beautiful, as her name suggests. I’m totally smitten with her, but I’d forgotten just how much work caring for a new puppy involves.  It’s like having a new baby and a toddler all rolled up into one.  They have very little control over their bodily functions and they get into everything. Except with babies, you can slap a diaper on them, pop them in a playpen, and they’re good to go.  Bella is a very good little girl, but I’ve worn a path to my front door taking her in and out to potty a gazillion times every day.  Plus, have you ever noticed that with puppies (and babies), there is no direct correlation between what goes in and what comes out. There is definitely a lot more of what comes out! Not very appetizing fare for a food blog, I know.  Just keeping it real. The rest of the time, I run around the house after her, pulling an assortment of inappropriate “chew toys” out of her mouth and trying to keep her from nibbling on a) the furniture; b) my Oriental rugs; and c) my shoes! Suffice it to say that this “up and down” and “in and out” situation is definitely not an ideal work environment!

Bella at Grandma's-2

Inconvenient as it may be, the Bella situation wasn’t really even the crazy, messed up part of my week.  That revolting development occurred last Tuesday evening.   I was out in my front yard trying to coax Bella to “get on with it”, when Mini SGCC came flying out of the house with my purse, yelling something about being late for a choir practice that I didn’t even know she had.   The three of us jumped into the car and took off.  Luckily, I had Bella’s pet carrier in the back seat.  Unluckily, my cell phone wasn’t in my purse. You will understand the significance of this later.

Mini SGCC’s school is less than two miles from our house.  It’s less than a five minute drive with no traffic.  Bella and I were on our way home after dropping off the kid, and I was stopped in the right lane, waiting to make a right turn.  I was diligently waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass before I did.  It was broad daylight.  All of a sudden, my car was jolted out into the middle of a busy six lane road and my head slammed into the steering wheel.  I literally didn’t know what hit me!  I scrambled to get the car back over into the right lane before I was roadkill.  As I tried to collect myself, there was a tapping on my car window.  It was the guy that hit me.  read more >>

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