SGCC Rewind: Picadillo Pizza

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday.  At my age, birthdays pretty much come and go without too much fanfare.  We usually go out for a nice dinner somewhere and call it a day.  Since Mr. SGCC was out of town on business, we decided to postpone our celebration until this weekend.  Mini SGCC insisted that I shouldn’t have to cook on my “special” day, so she decided to take charge of last night’s dinner arrangements.  She did what any normal, red-blooded American teenager would do. She ordered pizza.  Except, she didn’t just order any old pizza. She got us a taco pizza.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical about that taco pizza at first.  But about three slices in, I was sold.  There wasn’t anything elaborate about the pizza – just taco meat, tomatoes, scallions and some lettuce, topped with a little sour cream and salsa – but it was pretty darn tasty!

It got me to thinking about how versatile pizza can be.  I started imagining all kinds of different ingredient combinations that would work on a pizza.  How about a pulled pork pizza?  Or, a Korean kimchi pork belly pizzaMu Shu pizza, anyone? A linguine and clams pizza, without the linguine?  Or even a bacon and eggs pizza?  See what I mean?  The possibilities are virtually endless.  read more >>

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Hello and welcome to SGCC! I’m Susan, a professional writer, food columnist, recipe developer, wife, mother, daughter and sister, who used to be a lawyer in a previous life. My love of food comes from a long line of wonderful and creative Italian home cooks who didn’t always have a lot, but knew how to make a lot out of what they had. I hope that you enjoy yourself while you’re here, and visit often! read more >>

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