No Compromise with Chocomize

Friday, May 7, 2010


One of the perks of being a fabulously famous food blogger is having tons of various product vendors, food companies and book publishers send you scads of all kinds of great products to try out.  Since I’m not a fabulously famous food blogger (except maybe in my mother’s mind), I guess I can’t really comment on that.  But even so, I do get my fair share of offers, some of which are quite……..”interesting”.  Let’s just say that you won’t be seeing any Botox ads, home appliance promotions or MLM schemes on SGCC any time soon.  Still,  after weeding out the obviously inappropriate, I do end up with some pretty appealing propositions that I think you all would enjoy hearing about. Chocomize is definitely one of them.  I’m telling you people, this is one very cool product!

Those of you who visit SGCC regularly already know that I don’t do a lot of product reviews.  This is partly because of time constraints and also because there aren’t too many products I get offered that really thrill me.  But, when Nick from Chocomize contacted me about trying out his product, I was intrigued.  After visiting his web site, I was excited!  Chocomize is a company that creates personalized chocolate bars.  You just go to the web site and click on Creation Station. There, you can choose your chocolate and add-ins to design your own custom chocolate bar.  Brilliant!  Just brilliant! read more >>

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