Pacific Rim Burgers with Ginger Mayonaise and Kitchen Sink Asian Slaw

Friday, March 7, 2008


When my daughter was little, she used to beg her dad and I for a little brother or sister. Every night as I’d tuck her into bed, we’d say our prayers and one of hers would always be for a sibling to play with. I would feel so awful, because I knew that it would probably never happen. Struggling with seven years of infertility treatments had just about done me in. I didn’t have the strength and fortitude, of body or mind, to go through all that again!
And so, the guilt set in. And with that guilt, came a lot of frantic wheel-spinning on my part to make our home life one great, big, perpetual fun fest. Basically, I became Mini-SGCC’s number one playmate. We played Barbies. We played dress-up. We did art projects. We set up a teepee in the middle of the living room and “camped out”. Sometimes, we just ran round the house, dancing and shrieking like banshees, because we could. It was great! I got to relive my childhood all over again, only this time, I made the rules. I got to do all of the things I was never allowed to do the first time around! Occasionally, Mr. SGCC would join in, but usually he’d just roll his eyes, grab the remote and hide out in the other room.

One of the fun things we would do, usually on a weekend, is have “Theme Night”. We would pick a theme, decorate the kitchen and have a whole meal dedicated to it. Usually our themes would be based upon a particular movie that we were going to watch that night. On one particular night, we chose Disney’s Lilo and Stitch as our theme. You remember that one. It’s about a lonely little Hawaiian girl who adopts an ugly stray “dog” that she names Stitch. The dog turns out to actually be a genetic experiment who has escaped from an alien planet and crash-landed on Earth. Pandemonium ensues, until Lilo tames Stitch by teaching him the true meaning of love and family. Awww! Anyway, Lilo and Stitch led to the discovery of a recipe that has become one of our all time favorite dishes here in SGCC-land – Pacific Rim Burgers with Ginger Mayonaise.


I found this recipe years ago, while watching one of those cooking challenge shows on the Food Network. I think it was called the National Chicken Cook-Off, or something like that. I do remember that this was the winning entry. So, when I was looking for some Hawaiian-themed recipes, this one came to mind. I had bookmarked it, but had never made it before.


Pacific Rim Burgers start with a base of ground chicken, to which you add some spicy good stuff. They are glazed with a honey-teriyaki mixture and either grilled or seared in a pan. Then, the burgers are smothered with an utterly magical ginger-based mayo, topped with crunchy, fresh cucumbers and served on toasted sesame seed buns. These burgers are so moist, flavorful and delicious that you will forget you’re eating ground chicken. Honest! I swear! You’ll never miss the beef!


When I made these burgers a few nights ago, I needed to come up with a side dish to go with them. I didn’t want anything heavy, because the burgers are so filling. I had some pre-packaged cole slaw mix in the fridge, so I decided to build on that. I rooted around the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of things that I thought would work with it. I tossed in some scallions, diced mango and pineapple, thinly sliced kumquats and some garlic. I dressed it with a bottled ginger slaw dressing from the supermarket, squeezed in a little lime juice and squirted a generous blob of Sriracha sauce in it too. What I ended up with was a fabulously sweet and spicy cole slaw that really knocked our socks off. I had to race to write down what I had done to ensure that I could make it again.

By the way, my daughter is fourteen now, and we still enjoy having “Theme Night”. The movies we choose now are a little more sophisticated, but we still have the same silly, goofy fun. Oh, and Mini-SGCC has finally realized that being an only child has its advantages. You get lots more stuff and you don’t have to share!


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