Buttery Lemon Bars: A Recipe in Pictures (or What Was I Thinking!?!?)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Recently, my editor at Creative Loafing asked me if I could put together a recipe containing mostly pictures for their upcoming photography issue.  I’m a sport, so I said “Sure!”.  Then, I got the bright idea that I would do a recipe that was presented using ONLY pictures.   That’s right, no words allowed.  I decided to make these lemon bars, because I love, love, love them.  And, since today is officially the first day of Spring, sharing bright, sunny, citrusy lemon bars couldn’t be more perfectly timed.   What was I thinking!?!?

Three solid days and five hundred photographs later, I was pulling my hair out, wondering what kind of idiot was I to even attempt this!  Yes, that’s right.  Five. Hundred. Photographs. At the same time I was trying to actually prepare and bake these lemon bars. And, not just shooting the photos either, but reviewing, organizing and editing them as well.  Oh yes, and also grouping them into cohesive little photo vignettes, so that they would make sense in my photo “recipe”.

Of course, with this recipe timing is everything, so I was rushing around like a madwoman trying to set up and snap shots before my ingredients got too warm, too cool, too thick, too thin and the light got too bright, too dim, too far north and too far south.


By the time I was finished, I couldn’t have given a $*#& about those lemon bars!  All I was in the mood for was a big bottle of Advil with a Valium chaser!

After this little debacle exercise I’m convinced that I must be either a total masochist or just plain crazy!

But hey, the work is done, so I’ll let you decide if it was worth it.  Does the “recipe” make sense to you?    Could you actually make these lemon bars just by looking at the pictures?   I’ve gone ahead and printed the actual recipe at the end of this post just in case you would like to make them and I’ve failed miserably in my efforts.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  I’m going to go pour myself a tall, stiff drink!  Oy! read more >>

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