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Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies for Any Occasion


I know that Valentine’s Day is over, but I thought these cuties were worth sharing.  I wanted to make a little something special for some friends on Valentines Day.   But as usual, time got away from me.  These little treats were so easy to whip up –  and I never even had to turn on my oven!   All I did was melt some white and dark chocolate in the microwave, dip Oreo cookies in it and decorate.    If you wanted to get fancy, you could also make a cookie “bouquet” like the one above.  

To make the “flowers”, I inserted lollipop sticks into cream center of each cookie, and stuck them in the freezer to firm up.   You’ll want to use the Double Stuff Oreos for this, so that the sticks fit in without breaking apart the cookies.  Once the cookies were somewhat frozen, it was a snap to coat them with the chocolate. 


Some of the cookies were decorated with sprinkles and candies while the coating was still soft, so that they would stick.  Others were hardened in the freezer and then drizzled with melted red and pink candy melts – again, so that the design would stick.   I made these chocolate dipped Oreos for Valentine’s Day, but you can decorate them for any holiday or occasion you like.   Let your imagination run wild!   And, it’s a great project to do with the little ones too. 


Now, who wouldn’t love to get a sweet surprise like this?