Key Lime Cheesecake Minis with Macadamia Graham Cracker Crusts

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Mr. SGCC is a caveman.  He loves meat.  And, he doesn’t care for sweets.  I know!  Crazy, right?   There are a few exceptions to this, though.  He does enjoy a good cheesecake now and then.  He’s also been known to sneak bites of Key lime pie right out of the pan from time to time.  So, these Key Lime Cheesecake Minis are the perfect Labor Day dessert for him.  Actually, they’re a perfect dessert for anyone who loves creamy, dreamy cheesecake with a bright , fresh pop of citrus.

Key limes are small, round citrus fruits with a sharp, tart flavor – more so than regular Persian limes.  Commercially picked Key limes are green, but when allowed to ripen on the tree, the  fruit has more of a yellowish skin.  Native to Southeast Asia, Key limes made their way to North America via the Caribbean by early Spanish settlers to  Florida.    Key lime cultivation flourished in South Florida, particularly in the Keys, until the early 20th century, when most of the groves were destroyed by  the great hurricane of 1926.   They’re still widely associated with Florida, even though they’re not grown here commercially anymore.


Most of the Key limes I find at the supermarket are from Mexico, and they are often sickly and sad looking little things. If you’re lucky enough to have a tree in your own backyard, you’re all set. If not, but you have any family/friends/neighbors with one, start schmoozing, because I promise you’re gonna want to make these dreamcakes …er…cheesecakes.  read more >>

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