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Crunchy Smores Bars Recipe

When we were kids, every family barbecue ended the same way.   We’d run around the backyard looking for long thin sticks, and load them up with marshmallows.  Then, as the fire on the charcoal grill began to die down,  we’d toast them over the glowing embers.   My little brother was all about instant gratification.  He’d jam his marshmallows right into the coals which usually caused them to catch on fire.    I, being older and wiser, patiently held my marshmallows over the coals, turning them every few minutes, until they were a nice golden brown.  My brother would look at the charred, black blob on his stick,  and then at my perfect toasty specimens and  turn on the waterworks.  What else could I do but share some of mine.  As much as I loved toasted marshmallows, I loved my little brother more.

Sometimes, my mother would present us with a box of graham crackers and some Hershey bars, and we’d make s’mores.  What bliss!  Seriously, is there anything better than a sticky, gooey toasted marshmallow sitting on top of melty milk chocolate and a crunchy Honey Graham?  I think not.  And boy, were they messy!  After eating them, my dad would have to hose us down before my mother would let us back in the house.

When Mini SGCC was little, we made s’mores too.  By that time, everyone had gas grills instead of charcoal ones.  I’m sorry, but to me, toasting marshmallows on a gas grill just isn’t the same.   Mini SGCC didn’t seem to mind, though.  She devoured her s’mores just the same – and made just as big a mess!

Since I wasn’t too keen on hosing down my sweet little cherub, or cutting strands of melted white goo out of her mass of golden curls, I came up with a much neater way for her to enjoy s’mores – Crunchy S’mores Bars.

Crunchy S’mores Bars have all of the essential elements of traditional s’mores – marshmallows, chocolate and graham –  but without the mess.  They are so ridiculously simple to make, that I’m almost embarrassed to share them with you.  But, they are also so incredibly good, that I’m willing to risk the humiliation.  Actually, they’re just an amped up variation of Rice Krispies Treats, except without the Rice Krispies and with chocolate.

To give these bars their “s’moreness”,  I use Golden Grahams cereal and milk chocolate chips.  Trust me, it works.  All you do is melt the marshmallows in a saucepan with some butter, and mix in the cereal and chocolate chips.  Then, you press the whole gooey glob into a pan, drizzle it with melted chocolate and voilà!  Crunchy S’mores Bars!

I suppose that I could have fancied things up a bit and browned the butter, added bacon or used some exotic, organic, single origin, fair trade certified chocolate.   You know, to try and impress you.  But, these are cereal bars, people.   Sometimes, it’s better to leave well enough alone.   Besides, everyone who’s ever tried these bars has loved them, so who am I to mess with success.