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Gingery Blueberry-Mango Crisp Recipe

I just can’t seem to get enough of those tasty Florida blueberries!  It’s probably because my subconscious keeps telling me that they’ll be gone soon.  I  plop them on cereal and in yogurt.  I mix them into salads.  I make ice cream [1], pies [2] and shortcake [3].  I bake muffins, bars [4] and cakes [5] with them.  And, I bake them into luscious, fruity, juicy crisps, like this one.

Cobblers, crisps and crumbles – I can never get them straight!   My understanding is that a crisp is a baked fruit dessert that is topped with a crunchy, crumbly topping made from sugar, flour, butter and often rolled oats and nuts. That sounds good to me, so I’m calling it a crisp.  Whatever you call it, it’s one of the simplest, yet most delicious ways to use succulent seasonal fruits. 

For this crisp, I used lots of tender, plump, fresh blueberries,  and a few sweet, juicy mangoes that I had lying around as well. To jazz things up a bit, I also added some fresh orange zest and a handful of crystallized ginger.    The topping contains rolled oats, sliced almonds and turbinado sugar for a little extra crunch. Part of the beauty of a recipe like this is that you can use whatever kinds of fruit that strike your fancy. Peaches, nectarine and plums all make great crisps, as do apples and pears. The possibilities are endless!

There are two components to this dish – the fruit filling and the topping.  Make the topping first and let it chill a while in the fridge to get nice and clumpy.  Then get your fruit ready.

Dump your fruit into a baking dish.  I made sure to use one that has at least two-inch sides so that there wouldn’t be any unfortunate fruit accidents in my oven.  I’m leaving for BlogHer Food [6] in two days.  I don’t want to worry about cleaning no stinkin’ oven!

Take your topping out of the fridge and smush your fingers around in it to break it into small clumps.  Go ahead.  It’s fun!  Then, sprinkle it evenly on top of the fruit.

Pop it in the oven and bake until the topping is nice and golden – just like this.


Then, dig right in.