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Thin Mint Mini-Cheesecakes Recipe

Can you handle one more Girl Scout cookie recipe?  I hope so, because I have one more to share – and it’s a good one, too.  The other day I told you about what a sucker I am for cute little Girl Scouts.  After buying ten boxes of cookies from my little niece Sammie, I thought I was safe.  Well,  this morning Mr. SGCC and I were outside starting our spring planting and who do you think showed up.  More adorable Girl Scouts, that’s who.  And they were toting a big old wagon loaded with cookies – lots and lots of cookies.  As they tugged and pushed that wagon up my driveway, their angelic little faces beamed and hope sprung eternal in their eyes.  I froze in my tracks.  I needed more Girl Scout cookies like I needed a hole in the head.    Mr. SGCC was no help either.  He just stood there, mute, with that “deer in the headlights” look on his face.  Oh, yes he did.   My own, personal Perry Mason [1], who weaves words for a living, was speechless.    So, I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances.  I bought two boxes of Thin Mints.

And, then I took them inside and made cheesecake.  Sigh…  

Since I already had some cream cheese in the fridge left over from my Tagalong Crescents [2], it seemed like the logical thing to do.

Instead of one big cheesecake that nobody would probably eat except me, I decided to make mini-cheesecakes so that I could at least give some away.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t  expected them to turn out so great.   After I tasted one, giving them away didn’t seem like such a hot idea.

These tasty little morsels are super easy to put together and they take hardly any time at all.  The Thin Mints are used to make a crumbly, chocolate cookie crust and are also added to the cheesecake batter, along with cream cheese, eggs, sugar and chocolate chips. The cheesecakes are then baked in muffin tins, making them the perfect little portion-controlled snack.  Unless of course, you live with a teenager who is always watching her figure and a man who doesn’t eat sweets.  In that case,  the entire burden of eating them will fall upon you.   I know, it’s a heavy cross I bear, but I do my best to get by.

Everyone knows that chocolate and mint go together like PB&J.  Swirling them into a dainty, luscious little cheesecake is pure fabulosity!

So go out and make some little Girl Scout’s day. Buy some Thin Mints and make these mini-cheesecakes. The kids will love them, and you will too!