SGCC Encore: Torta di Riso for Easter

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Any of you food bloggers out there remember when you first started out  and couldn’t take a decent photo to save your life? Okay, maybe some of you already could take great pictures when you started your blogs, but I was not one of you! When I go back and look at some of those old posts, I cringe.  Really!  I am utterly mortified by some of those photos.

The other day, I was typing up some recipes for a baking class I’m doing on Friday.  The class will be focused on Easter treats and we’ll be making my Torta di Riso and Pizza Rustica recipes.  Anyway, I was looking for a picture of each pie to go along with the recipes, and I was appalled to find that I did not have one decent picture of my Torta di Riso.  Not. One.  So, this morning I made another pie.  And, I took lots of pictures.  And, a few of them even turned out halfway decent.

Therefore, in an effort to redeem myself in my own eyes (because you are all much too kind to tell me my pictures suck), I present for the second time, Torta di Riso.


Torta di Riso is a rich and creamy egg and ricotta based dessert pie filled filled with cooked Arborio rice and delicately flavored with the essence of orange.  Think of it as rice pudding in a crust. In Italian culture, it is traditionally served after Mass on Easter Sunday to “break the Fast” observed by orthodox Catholics during Lent.

Most versions of this torta rely on a traditional pastry pie crust to provide its structure. I use layers of phyllo dough in mine for a few reasons, the first being that I find phyllo is more user friendly for the “doughaphobes” among us.  There is no mixing, pulsing or rolling involved.  You just thaw out the package and use the phyllo sheets as is.  (Remember to keep them covered with a damp cloth while you work, though, so that the sheets don’t dry out.)   Second, the phyllo crust bakes up shatteringly crispy and buttery.  There is no risk of ending up with a soggy base for your torta – which is a very good thing. read more >>

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Hello and welcome to SGCC! I’m Susan, a professional writer, food columnist, recipe developer, wife, mother, daughter and sister, who used to be a lawyer in a previous life. My love of food comes from a long line of wonderful and creative Italian home cooks who didn’t always have a lot, but knew how to make a lot out of what they had. I hope that you enjoy yourself while you’re here, and visit often! read more >>

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