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Easy Sausage and Peppers Calzones


I don’t usually cook on Fridays nights.  After a long week of working, cleaning, cooking, blogging, mothering, wife-ing, daughtering and a lot of general running around, I’m pooped!  Sometimes we’ll get take-out. And, sometimes we’ll just go out.  Last Friday night, though, the weather sucked.  It was rainy, foggy and gross.  I decided that going out for dinner was going to be more trouble than it was worth, so I graciously offered to cook so that we could stay warm and dry at home, and save a few bucks in the process.  I’m really considerate that way.   Mr. SGCC was all for it.

I was originally going to make sausage and peppers over pasta.  But, then I remembered the cute little calzone mold that I’d picked up recently, so I decided to make sausage and peppers calzones instead.  I definitely didn’t want to mess with making dough from scratch, so I picked up some refrigerated pizza dough on the way home from my aforementioned running around.

There are lots of different ways to make sausage and peppers.  Some fry the sausage.  Some add tomato sauce.  Not me.  I bake my sausage until it’s almost cooked through, and then I slice it and add it to the peppers to finish.  Doing it this way eliminates a lot of extra grease (Who needs that?), yet still allows the sausage juices to flavor the rest of the dish.  And to me, tomato sauce in sausage and peppers is just plain wrong! 


I must admit, I’d never used sausage and peppers as a filling for calzones before.  I was a little concerned that the filling would be too “wet” and soak through the dough.  But, after draining out as much liquid as possible before I filled the calzones, it worked just fine.

Don’t they look good?


Making sausage and peppers is really easy.  Come on!  I’ll show you…


And, if you use a ready made pizza dough, the calzones are a snap too.  Of course, if you have the time and want to make your dough from scratch, more power to you!  I have better things to do on a Friday night. 😉


These Sausage and Peppers Calzones are perfect for a casual, rainy day meal, but they’d make a great party dish too, (think Super Bowl).  They’re hearty, delicious and self-contained.  We loved them!  I hope you do too.