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TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

This week’s TWD comes right on the heels of the July Daring Bakers [1]challenge and right on the toes of my July Dinner and a Movie [2] roundup.  So, I’m going to make it very short (and very sweet).

I mean, it’s Vanilla Ice Cream, for crissake!

What more needs to be said about vanilla ice cream that hasn’t already been said a million times before?  Well, maybe nothing, except that this vanilla ice cream is impossibly rich, creamy and luxurious, containing a whopping six egg yolks in a mere one quart batch. 

Or, that the heady infusion of plump, lush vanilla beans makes it absolutely intoxicating.

Or, that when you drizzle in a puddle of melted decadent Valrhona chocolate while it’s churning, it turns into the most heavenly stracciatella ice cream, with wispy, little chocolate flakes that pop and explode in your mouth.

Or, that it makes a damn fabulous chocolate sundae!

Other than that, what else can you possibly say about plain old vanilla ice cream?  Really.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart to this week’s host, Lynne from Cafe Lynnylu [3], for choosing the quickest, simplest and most delicious Dorie recipe ever!  You can find the recipe for this ice cream there.  And as always, be sure to check out the rest of the TWD offerings at the Tuesdays with Dorie [4] site.