Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ever heard of “Does My Blog Look Good in This“? According to its founder, Andrew of Spittoon Extra, DMBLGIT is “a monthly food photography event, called by some as the grandest food porn event available on the web.”, where “Food bloggers submit their best photos from posts they completed during the previous month which are then judged and scored. Winners are made covering three categories (edibility, aesthetics, and originality) plus three overall winners.” Each monthly contest is hosted by a different food blogger.

April’s DMBLGIT was hosted by Gine of I Dolci Fanno Felici, and guess what? I WON Overall First Place!!! I am absolutely giddy! I am also terribly flattered and honored. I’ve been submitting entries to this event every month for a year and this is the first time I’ve even placed.

So, are you ready to see my winning photo?

Are you sure?

Better go put on some sunglasses first, so as not to hurt your eyes looking at my dazzlingly brilliant, award-winning photo! I’ll wait.

Okay. Ready now? Here it comes…….

TA DA!!!


It’s my Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream!

And, not only did I get a much-appreciated ego boost……

dmblgit_green apr 2009

I also get to show this super cool badge on my blog!

I want to thank Gine and all of this month’s DMBLGIT judges from the bottom of my heart for acknowledging my work. You have no idea how much it means to me. I’d also like to congratulate all of the other winning photographers as well. Their work is outstanding! Please make sure you stop by Gine’s site and see for yourself.

Ciao for now!

P.S. I hope you know I was kidding about the dazzlingly brilliant part! 😉

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