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Sad News…..

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Uncle Sal passed away on Tuesday night. While he valiantly held on as long as he could, his injuries were just too numerous and catastrophic. He was a beautiful and wonderful man, and we will miss him terribly.

I want to thank you all for your continued prayers and good wishes during this ordeal. You kindness has touched my family and me more than you can know.

When I started this blog over a year ago, I never imagined that I would come to know so many thoughtful, caring and giving people from all around the world. I am truly blessed to have found you.

I’d like to believe that Uncle Sal is up in paradise right now, hanging out with my Dad again. They’re probably roaming around Heaven together, searching for the perfect place to plant a new garden and arguing over whose tomatoes are sweeter! I think that some things will never change.