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TWD: Granola Grabbers (And a Visit From Fay)

Well, we’ve battened down the hatches and have hunkered down for the long haul. The cars are in the garage (thanks to a feat of engineering and physics). We’ve got gallons of water and ice-filled coolers lined up in the laundry room. There are scads of canned goods in the pantry (including lots of Spam). Flashlights and lanterns are armed with fresh batteries. And, our “safe room” is stocked with pillows, blankets and reading material. If Hurricane Fay [1] comes a callin’, we’re ready for her. We’re good at this. We’ve done it before.

Something else we have plenty of around here are Granola Grabbers. A Granola Grabber is basically a granola bar masquerading as a cookie. It’s also this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. When I first read through the recipe, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I’m not much of a granola fan. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t really love it either. However, Mr. and Mini SGCC both like granola, so I figured that these cookies would be a nice breakfast treat for them.

Granola Grabbers are made with flour, butter, white and brown sugar, egg, granola (hence, the name), wheat germ, raisins, almonds, peanuts and coconut. I found a vanilla-almond granola at the market that I thought would be perfect for this recipe. Since my husband doesn’t like raisins, I decided not to include them. Since I don’t like peanuts, I left them out too. Instead, I added some dried raspberries and chopped pecans. I wanted to add some chocolate chips too, but I forgot to buy them. The dough for these cookies is a snap to make and comes together quickly. There is also enough for a ton of cookies!

I was pleasantly surprised with the way these Granola Grabbers turned out. They were good. Really, really good! I knew that my family would love them, but I really didn’t expect to like them so much myself. They were crunchy and nutty and fruity. Even though there is a quite a bit of butter in them, all of the other good stuff made them seem a lot healthier.

Thanks to Michelle of Bad Girl Baking [2] for choosing this recipe. If not for her, I probably never would have tried it. To see what all the other TWDers did with these cookies, check out the blogroll here [3]. If you’d like to try making Granola Grabbers for yourself, you can find the recipe in Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours. [4]