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Top Chef, Season 4: Discuss!

Last night was the Season 4 premiere of Bravo TV’s Emmy-nominated hit, Top Chef [1]. This season’s competition is coming to you from Chicago, a city with a richly diverse culinary tradition. I must admit, I love Top Chef! I’ve never missed an episode.

The action, the drama, Ted Allen, PADMA’S OUTFITS, TONY BOURDAIN, THE FOOD!!!
From what I saw last night, this season has the potential to be the best ever. What did you think? Any predictions yet? Who did you love…or hate? Any recipes that you’re dying to try? I want to hear your thoughts on anything Top Chef now, and in the coming weeks.

I’ll be following this season closely and I hope that you’ll all join me. As things get steamy later on in the Top Chef Kitchen, I’ll be doing some great givaways, so stay tuned!
Ciao for now!