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Thank You Well Fed Network and Slashfood! (Fantabulous Flan)


Whew! What a week this has been. Some really nice things are happening to me and my little blog these days. I’m not running around dodging the paparazzi or anything, but I am pretty excited about my news.
First of all, yours truly has been invited to be a contributing author for the Well Fed Network [1]. WFN is a popular stop among foodies. It is a compilation of 14 food and drink related blogs, focusing on providing high quality and informative topical content. The WFN is the brainchild of Cate O’Malley of Sweetnicks [2], and she is the managing editor of the network.
I will be writing for two of their excellent sites, The Cook’s Kitchen [3]and Paper Palate [4]. As a matter of fact, three of my articles have already been published here [5], here [6] and here [7]! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of the Well Fed Network!
As if that wasn’t enough, one of my photos has been chosen as Slashfood’s [8]Daily Food Porn [9]. OMG!!! Can you stand it? Last night, when I had my first chance of the day to breathe, I clicked on the site for my daily “Slashfood fix”. I was mindlessly scrolling down the page, when I saw a picture that looked familiar. “I took a shot just like that.”, I said to myself………

HUH! Wait a minute! THAT IS MY PICTURE!!! HOLY #&*#! I’M FOOD PORN!  
I almost fell off my chair. Then, I did a little happy dance around the room. I could have sworn I had wings on my feet. I think I may have even hit a high C or two!
Now, this may not mean that much to a lot of you, but the whole picture taking thing has been my greatest challenge since starting this blog. It wasn’t long ago that I wrote this post here [10], where I shared (ranted, actually) my complete and total frustration over my photography skills. I was ready to give up. Thankfully, several of you were so helpful and encouraging with your comments, particularly Helen [11], Jen [12] and Jaden [13], and I decided to persevere. So yes, for me, this is a Very. Big. Deal! Here is a little token of my thanks, ladies.

Of course, I had to celebrate such a momentous week. What better way to do this than with a sticky, gooey, creamy, chewy dessert! This flan recipe was given to me by my aunt many, many years ago. It is the most requested dessert at all of our family gatherings. It is truly decadent. I adore it and I hope you will too.